Electronics consultancy and developer 

At DeLinn we work as consultants withing electronics, and we develop customized electronic solutions, for different types of end products, ranging from miniature precision motorcontrollers, over industrial products in high quantities, to complex one-of-a-kind installations. 

In a lot of industrial products, implementation of electronics can make the end product smarter, and when it makes sense, it can be controlled or monitored via internet. 

Integrating smart electronic solutions, controls or IoT into your product, does not neccessarily have to be a huge and expensive project with a lot of people and unmanageable budget.   

At DeLinn, we strive to make projects easy and on budget, by being clear on understanding your product and requirements from the beginning, with a single point of contact throughout the project. 

We can design and customize these solutions for you, we have great experience from large number of different development projects, and will be happy to discuss your project too. 

We look forward for a discussion on what we can do for your product or project - please contact us for further information.